About TIAA Charitable

Whatever your giving goals are, we want to help you get there. In fact, we want to help you go even farther. By being more strategic with a Giving Fund, you can make a bigger impact on the causes you believe in.

We want to help you be passionate (and strategic)

We created the Giving Fund to help you make the most of your acts of generosity. By combining simplicity, tax benefits and investment planning, it benefits both you and the charities you support. You’re already making a difference. We want to help you do more.

Andrew Carnegie
Founder of TIAA

We’re a nonprofit charity

TIAA Charitable was established in 2015 by TIAA as a nonprofit public charity dedicated to helping people with their charitable giving. Read our launch announcement.

We’re different entities, but we share the same values and vision: we believe in our responsibility to help make life better in the many communities we call home.


"The Giving Fund is a simple, flexible way to make your dollars work harder for the charities you love. What could be better?”

Kay McFarlin

Getting Started is Simple

Open your Giving Fund today and start making a bigger difference.

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TIAA Charitable does not provide legal or tax advice. Before establishing a Giving Fund, taxpayers should seek advice based on their own particular circumstances from an independent legal or tax advisor.