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Giving Tuesday is a movement created in 2012 to fuel a global day of giving. In the United States, it’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Yes, that means right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday—and yes, it’s a purposeful antidote to all that shopping.

On Giving Tuesday, when the holiday shopping rush is over, people turn their attention to donating time, skills, goods and money to those in need. These acts of generosity remind us why this is the season of giving. More importantly, they demonstrate what’s possible when people come together—on Giving Tuesday and every day.

Four charitable giving tips to make your Giving Tuesday great.

Charitable giving is more effective when it’s thoughtful and strategic. That applies on Giving Tuesday, too.

  1. Be proactive. Start thinking about your plans before Giving Tuesday arrives. Do you want to support a favorite charity or use the day as an opportunity to explore new ones? Do you want to donate time, money or both? Gather any information you need ahead of time and make your decisions—and a list, if necessary—so you’re ready to kick off Giving Tuesday right.
  2. Talk more than turkey this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time to talk about giving. Hopefully, your family has many reasons to feel grateful this year. Giving Tuesday offers a chance for you to express your gratitude together—through a charitable donation, family volunteer effort or any way you choose. While you’re on the subject, you might want to broaden the conversation and talk about family giving in general.
  3. Pledge to do more. Use Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to expand your charitable efforts. Try donating in new ways or giving to a new organization, pledge to volunteer once a month, or sign up to make a monthly gift to support a cause you feel strongly about.
  4. Consider creating a donor-advised fund like the Giving Fund. One of the greatest things about a donor-advised fund is that your money is invested tax free, so it has the potential to grow your giving power down the road. So why not open one on Giving Tuesday? Then you can recommend grants all year long, not just on one day.

A long-term benefit.

Each year, Giving Tuesday gets bigger and better. Since its inception in 2012, online donations have surpassed $1 billion in the United States.* That tally doesn’t even include non-cash donations, such as time and talent. Nor does it include the impact of introducing more people to the joy of giving, not just for one day but also for the rest of their lives.

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* press release, November 28, 2018,

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