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Your Giving Fund can continue for years—even generations—and provide for a future of generosity. This charitable giving planning tool shows how much more you could possibly give to charity through potential tax savings and growth of your contributions over time.

Select a value from 0 to 4 with zero being the most conservative investment option and 4 being the most aggressive.
6 What's your federal income tax rate?

With a Giving Fund, you have a giving power of for charities over . Learn how a Giving Fund works.

With a Giving Fund, your contribution supports your giving for with a giving power of . Learn how a Giving Fund works.

A Giving Fund May Not Be the Right Solution for You

We suggest modifying your giving plan in one of the following ways:


Increase your initial contribution


Increase your annual contribution or contribute for more years.


For longer term giving, take more risk in your investing.

Giving directly to a Charity

A Giving Fund

  • Total contributions 10,000
  • Fund growth over time 6,000
  • Administrative fees 6,000
  • Total giving power 15,847
  • Amount granted to charities
  • Remaining Giving Fund balance
  • Plus, you may receive a tax benefit.
  • Contribute appreciated securities instead of cash and you may save 0 in capital gains tax.

The “Giving Planner” is an educational tool designed to help you estimate potential benefits from establishing a Giving Fund, using simplified economic and federal income tax assumptions. The results shown do not account for alternative minimum taxes, phase-out rules for deductions, the additional 3.8% Medicare tax for taxpayers with income above a certain level, or charitable deduction limitations based on income. Actual benefits from establishing a Giving Fund may be greater or lesser than those illustrated. The Giving Planner does not show the effects of a Giving Fund on your taxable estate and should not be used as the basis for making charitable giving decisions. We reserve the right to change the assumptions and methodology incorporated in the Giving Planner at any time without notice to you.

*Growth based on a hypothetical aggregated initial and ongoing annual estimated contribution and grant amounts and potential Fund investment growth over the time frame for the selected investment approach.

Fine-Tune Your Giving Goal

Need help setting a giving goal? Target a giving goal by seeing how others in your state and the rest of the country give.


Getting Started is Simple

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Charitable deductions are subject to Internal Revenue Code limitations, based generally on your adjusted gross income and the character of any securities you contribute to your Giving Fund. There may also be state and local tax benefits to making contributions, but the content provided here relates to taxation at the federal level only. Availability of certain federal income tax deductions may depend on whether you itemize deductions. Charitable contributions of capital gain property held for more than one year are usually deductible at fair market value. Deductions for capital gain property held for one year or less are usually limited to cost basis. 

Contributions to the Giving Fund are irrevocable. All recommendations from donors are subject to review and approval by TIAA Charitable.

TIAA Charitable does not provide tax advice. Taxpayers should seek advice based on their own particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

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